Beneath the Blueberry Bush

The story follows Harper and her daughter Ginny as they go blueberry picking on a hot summer’s day in 1970.

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1 Minute to Midnight

Based on the series by the same name co-created by Emma Kanter & Juliet Clare Warren. These are select scenes from the pilot episode. 1st scene is the introduction to Morgan Inch. The 2nd scene is Morgan learning more about Theo and their shared past.

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Malleable Mind

A scene from the feature Malleable Mind. 5 years after the murder of Alice Orel’s daughter, Alice is called in to testify again. She goes to the prosecutor’s office to discuss the case’s appeal.

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Broken Gargoyles

A scene from the feature Broken Gargoyles. 1919, post-war Paris. Thomas, a soldier who suffered from significant facial wounds at the front, arrives for the first time at the Studio for Portrait-Masks in the hopes of finding a means of returning to normal life.

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Space Fuqboi

Short co-written with Brand/Messaging Strategist, Hillary Weiss. The story follows Beth as she has a strange encounter of the ex-fuqboi kind.

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